Here's Some Stuff I Wrote

I write crime fiction and weird fiction. Here's where you can find me. If you like what you read, check out my collection of noir stories, Watch You Drown, which is free at Amazon and Smashwords.

Furby's Revenge at The Flash Fiction Offensive

That Fucking Bitch Will Pay at A Twist of Noir

Harlot X and the Chestray at Slit Your Wrists

The Birds Are Dead in Drunk on the Moon 2

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Creator/Destroyer in Needle

Jaws in Off the Record 2

Forward is Where the Croissantwich Is in Nightfalls

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Shadowboxer in Off the Record

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Guy with a Barbed Wire Tattoo at 50 to 1

The October 17 Economic Development Committee Meeting in Pulp Ink

Skinny Latte at Shotgun Honey

The Scent of Rotting Leaves at Eaten Alive

The Sidewinder at The Flash Fiction Offensive

Do You Know the Price? at Apollo's Lyre

Hank Mobley: Spiritual Guide at Flashes in the Dark

A Figure Trapped Inside at MiCrow

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Double Bounce at Mysterical-E

The Bait at A Twist of Noir

Kleptomaniac at A Twist of Noir

Service with a Smile at Yellow Mama

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You're Welcome, in Pulp Modern

Bright Girl, at Yellow Mama


The Kind of Friends Who Murder Each Other, a novella from KUBOA Press

Reporter in the Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat anthology

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