Friday, November 19, 2010


At Thrillers, Killers 'n Chillers, Pete Risley has a darkly humorous ghost story.

Roger has woken up early and is sipping a cup of coffee when he sees ne'er do well--and very dead--Martin rummaging through the garbage outside. He calls out to Martin, who runs away like the coward that he is, only to end up cornered in the garage. Apparently Martin has done enough awful things that Roger and his family never want to see him again--even in ghost form.

What I really liked about this story is how Roger takes the whole thing in stride, like it's nothing out of the ordinary, and Martin is still the same shifty, pathetic character that he seems to have been while alive. It's a really imaginative take on a stale genre (ghost stories in general never did much for me) and Risley's masterful dialogue carries the piece.

While you're at, you should also check out Risley's post at the Crimefactory blog. I dig his idea that crime fiction should explore human perversity--to me that's the essence of what I appreciate about the genre.


  1. I liked his story on TKnC, and the interview over at crome factory was very good. He makes no bones about the subject matter, and the cover of Rabid Child is so damn cool.

  2. Quiet chuckling all the way through with occasional outbursts of laughter. I mean plainly speaking it was the only thing to do. Just do what you must but please don't annoy the neighborhood.

  3. The cover of Rabid Child does rock. I'm planning on picking it up soon and reading it over Christmas break--when I actually have time for novels!