Monday, January 31, 2011

Top 5: The Right Moment by Michael Solender

The Right Moment by Michael Solender at Thrillers, Killers 'n Chillers

There are several Michael Solender stories that could be in my top five this year (Pewter Badge at Yellow Mama and Seventy-Two Hours or Less at A Twist of Noir come to mind) but I'll arbitrarily pick this one.

Or not arbitrarily at all because it's so perfect. It's everything a short story should be. The pacing is dead-on--wrought with suspense right up to the ending. The characters are sketched efficiently with bright little details and imbued with a sense of history--no small task when using an omniscient narrator.

And Solender's incredible range is on display at his blog, not from here, are you?, where he publishes tightly crafted microfiction several times a week.


  1. Another good choice. A perfect example of 21st Century pulp.

  2. I'd say this one is kind of traditional and post modern at the same time. Not all Penzler's losers losing, though there are some elements of that. Certainly not the Bogart noble bad guy. A nice amalgam of both that takes the neo-noir obligatory twist and stands it on it's head with a hard nod to the Hammett/Chandler/Stout/McBain tradition. Very cool.

  3. Michael sure has a way with words. Loved this line.

    "The rush of retribution fuels the vanquished like the rushing tide overwhelming the shore."

  4. Chris-

    I am humbled sir for inclusion in your fine list of pulpy noirists - thanks for the nod and the showcase!

  5. I very fine choice undeed, Chris. Michael certainly has a way with words!

  6. well deserved. earned in so many ways.