Saturday, March 10, 2012

Submissions Open: PULP INK 2

Pulp Ink is back--and like an HGH-injecting professional athlete, it's only getting stronger. We just hit 500 sales and are still in the top 100 mystery anthologies on Amazon.

That's why co-editor Nigel Bird and I are getting the band back together...

It's time for Pulp Ink 2. 

This collection will be a bit different than volume 1. This time we're looking crime AND horror stories. (Mash-ups of the two are also encouraged.) It's going to be a bit leaner than the original--fifteen stories.

But we still want that Pulp Ink attitude--fun, dark, action-packed fiction with characters who like to swear. (For more information, go buy the book.)

You want in?

Here's what we're looking for:
-- Crime, horror, and crime/horror
-- No traditional mysteries, police/PI procedurals, slasher/serial killer stuff, or people-talking-at-a-table stories
-- 1000-5000 words
-- MS Word documents only
-- One submission per author
-- Include a bio at the end of the story
-- No reprints
-- Unlike the first volume, this will not be tied to any particular theme

Got it? Good. Send it over to


  1. Couldn't have put it better myself.

    Get writing.

  2. Hello,
    Sounds like a great antho! How long will submissions be open?

  3. Until we fill em, Vickie. Looking forward to seeing a sub from you.

  4. I think I have something for you, Chris...

  5. Are stories previously posted on my blog (flash challenge) precluded from entry? I've a short and sweet (1,000 word) piece I would love to give some exposure.

  6. Hey Veronica!

    Unfortunately, yes, if it was up on a blog that does count as published. We're looking for fiction that hasn't appeared anywhere else.

  7. Dang!

    Okay... thanks, Chris. Not sure I've got time to write something from scratch before the slots are filled... might still have a go... can always save it for something later.

    Best of luck with the anthology... let me know when it is published... I do want to read everyone's stories.

  8. Hi Chris - is the word count super-strict? I have one about 5.2k that I'd like to submit... it's been pruned a few times though so don't think I will get it go any lower by further tweaking...

  9. Then again... Obsession is almost finished... it will run around 3,000 words.

    Let me sharpen my pencils and see if I can't get this in.


  10. Just sent mine in... let me know if you wish different formatting. :)

  11. I'm thinking up a piece as I'm typing and will submit in the next few days. Hopefully I'll make the deadline.

  12. Rob: No. Any proceeds will go toward covering costs. Anything beyond that will be donated to charity.

    Graham: I look forward to reading your submission.

  13. Good stuff you two.

  14. I love that anything over and above costs, you are donating to charity. You and Nigel are incredible! :)

  15. Cool! Fresh faces and views.The last one was a blast to write for. The new one looks great too. Looking forward to it!

  16. Just took my shot. Hopefully my submission is on target.


  17. Too late to submit? And does sarcastic horror count?