Friday, May 11, 2012

Re: Book Blurbs

Over the last six months or so, I've been asked by a few writers to provide blurbs for their books. This is cool because I get to read the manuscripts before everyone else (bwu-ha-ha-ha!) and I get to show my support for great writers in a way that might help them sell more books. (Emphasis on might!)

Anyway, I spend a lot of time toiling away at these quotes, writing and rewriting them. It's a deceptively difficult thing to do... You want to simultaneously:

1) Tell people why they should read this specific book instead of doing a million other things 

2) Praise the author without going over the top

3) Give the reader some hint about the kind of book it is

4) Share your own experience reading the book 

5) Make sure it sounds good (book blurbs being a genre of writing in and of themselves)

As I find the best blurbs tend to be three or four sentences (or fewer), I can't get around to accomplishing all of these goals, but I do try, and I tend to rewrite them a dozen times. But I do find them a fun challenge.


  1. You're right about it being an artform - I find 'em more difficult that writing a short story! BTW... thanks again for the latest one. Perfect example! ;)

  2. Maybe we should have a bad blurb contest like: "That thing blew my nylons up around my knees and god knows where my garters got to. Who knew you could put a full grown hog to that there purpose. But this here guy shore did and wrote hisself a thang of beauty."

  3. And as someone who has benefited from your blurbage, I'd like to say a public thank you. And AJ...I'm liking that idea for a bad blurb contest. ("The only really nice thing I can say about the author is that he doesn't talk with his mouth full.")