Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Five You Can't Miss -- Richard Godwin

Christopher Grant Deviation Jones, at All Due Respect 24 March 2012


What begins like a whisper crescendos into one of the most compelling stories I read all year. Grant mixes his knack for the best crime writing with his surreal perceptions, fast pace, and unrivalled economy.

AJ Hayes Dark Genesis

Thrillers Killers N Chillers 16 August 2012


AJ Hayes is one of the most subtle and technically adept writers out there. This story is mythological, beautiful, dark and disturbing, and contains Hayes's hallmark lyricism and menace.

Cindy Rosmus

Heal Me Gemini Magazine


Cindy Rosmus is one of the finest crime writers out there. Here again she delivers a fast paced razor sharp story that draws you into her characters.

Salvatore Butacci

The Man In The Jar, Authors Info 24 April 2012


Sal is a storyteller who never wastes words, and evokes a strong sense of atmosphere and character. This is a fine example of that ability and his innate humour.

Benoit Lelievre Portrait of an AmericanFamily

Shotgun Honey February 15th


Benoit Lelievre has written a tight fast paced story here that is highly observed and as polished as marble. Not a word out of place.


  1. Very fast company on that list. Thanks for including me, Richard.

  2. I bow to your intinite wisdom, sir!

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