Saturday, August 17, 2013

DangerRAMA by Danger Slater

Danger Slater's latest collection of three bizarro novellas is both wildly entertaining and intensely thoughtful.

My favorite of the bunch is "Knights of the White Castle." A mad scientist, recently fired from his job as a middle school science teacher, is taking a little breather from all that mad science to chow down some square burgers. But his detour ends up being apocalyptic when a gap is ripped in the space-time continuum (or something). I think Danger uses this as a vehicle to drop his characters into as much weird stuff as he can think of--including having Abraham Lincoln get to third base with Hitler and, of course, a defecating sky.

Each of these stories involves a surreal journey in which the characters are forced to ponder the big questions in life: Is saving humans worth sacrificing humanity? Are we making concious decisions or just following a track that someone else has set for us? If my hand becomes detached from my body and becomes personish, is sex with it/him still masturbation, gay, or something else?

Yeah, I could read this stuff all day.


  1. Questions worth pondering. I watched a William S. Burroughs documentary this morning and I'm tracking with original thought that is not obviously derivative of another source. Sounds like Danger is on the right track.

    Cheers, Chris! Hope all is going well in your universe.

  2. David! Great to hear from you. Been awhile!

    You know, I haven't read any Burroughs, but I should.

  3. Hello Chris, I'm here again, seeing updates. Excellent post, congratulations.
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