Friday, August 6, 2010

Back Alley and Powder Burn Flash

Back Alley will likely be temporarily shutting down submissions. Editor Richard Helms said they've had a flood of submissions since they were approved by the MWA. Helms said they need time to "clear out the files," but he doesn't expect the moratorium to last more than a couple of months.

Seven stories will be printed in an upcoming issue of Back Alley along with the rest of Frank Norris's McTeague, but Helms said they rejected about 100 stories. (For anyone waiting on them, Helms said contracts and rejections are going out in the next week.) He said they have some well-known authors as part of the next issue's lineup, plus work from one young author "does have some impressive pub credits."

Over at Powder Burn Flash, nothing has been posted since early June. I emailed Editor Aldo Calcagno (aka Mystery Dawg) about this, who said he's taken some time off for personal downtime and cause of some "server issues." He said they'll start posting stories again later this week and that they are still open to submissions.


  1. Hey, Chris. Just came across your blog and having a look around. You have a new follower.

    Regards, David.

  2. Hi Chris. Thanks for this very useful piece of information.

    Did Rick Helms say when the next issue of Back Alley will go live?

    Also, do you know what's up with Spinetingler? It looks like they haven't published any new fiction since 1 June.

    Cheers, Gus.

  3. Hey Gus,

    Didn't get any indication from Rick when the new issue will be out--but as soon as I hear anything I'll post on it.

    Spinetingler just published a new story by Stephen D. Rogers. As far as I know, they're status quo on submissions. I'm doing a couple of reviews for them which should be up some time next month.