Monday, August 16, 2010

Jackie Boy by Sam Roseme

Fat private investigator Jackie Giacomo is hired to follow around CEO Kenneth Hammonds and dig up some dirt in Sam Roseme's long-form story, Jackie Boy. He's sitting in his Ford Tempo in a ritzy San Francisco neighborhood, waiting for Hammond's to do something wrong, when the corporate hot shot goes and gets himself killed. The cops immediately finger Giacomo as the prime suspect. To discover the real killer and clear his good name, Giacomo has to dig deep into his past.

I say "Fat private investigator" because Giacomo's weight is something he is constantly battle against. And I don't mean battle against as "go on a diet"--I mean it in the hoofing-it- as-guys-with-guns-are-chasing-him sense. Giacomo is an entertaining, three-dimensional character (no pun intended) who is forced out of his comfort zone to find out who's framed him.

Thick with suspense, punchy dialogue, clever clues, and rich, seedy settings, Jackie Boy is the kind of adventurish, entertaining private eye story that fits in well at Pulp Empire. It will be included in that publication's second anthology, which is available on Lulu now.

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