Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dancing with Myself

Over at Sea Minor, Nigel Bird came up with a novel concept: Let people interview themselves, asking questions they wished they were asked in traditional interviews.

And then he recruited a bunch of awesome crime fiction folks--Patti Abbott, Chris F. Holm, Christopher Grant, Keith Rawson, Lawrence Block. Really top-notch writers talking about their craft and the business and their personal lives and everything in-between.

Oh yeah, and, for some reason, he also asked me to join in as well, which was posted yesterday. Very cool of him.


  1. and very cool of you to be there.
    you certainly earned your spot and i'm looking forward to watching you move from strength to strength.

  2. Good job with the interview, ditto with the blog. With all the book reviews/reviewers out there, seems there's a lot of them too, it's refreshing to read short story reviews, particularly short stories from mags like Plots With Guns. Wish there were more like you.