Saturday, May 7, 2011


Fantastic Weekly Punch over at BEAT to a PULP, Jed Ayres' Down, Down, Down, Burns, Burns, Burns.  

This is intergalatic, action-packed sci-fi at its finest. Ayres brings this world to life with vibrant details and nutty dialogue. Add in a cast full of fatalist characters, weird drugs, and sex for a pulp adventure you shouldn't miss.

Also out recently is the new Plots with Guns, with a design that looks fucking phenomenal. Check out Schuyler Dickson's Shoot Me in My Horn, which proves to be thick 'n nasty noir, but with a surprisingly likable narrator. It's that old "innocence to experience" story you got back in high school English--except that this time it rocks and people rob gas stations.  


  1. Thanks, Chris.

    And I agree that PWG have a new sharp look.

  2. It ain't your daddy's scifi. Pops from start to finish and burns too. Mr. Ayres never lets you down. Agreed on the new look over to PWG. Rocks the page, it does.

  3. AJ - Stick with me long enough - I promise I'll let you down.

    Thanks, though