Thursday, May 26, 2011


Well, there's a big ol' internet debate going on at Spinetingler over a review by Ben Whitmer. I don't know if I have much to say about this. It was an overtly aggressive review (although Whitmer has backtracked some in the comments), and I'd be interested to hear a response from Reasoner.

I also have a review of a Jon Breen story  from the same collection (On Dangerous Ground, a collection of Western noir). For many years, Breen wrote The Jury Box column for Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, and I liked his reviews. Unfortunately, I didn't like this story.

Anyways, I am planning on reading the rest of On Dangerous Ground. A lot of authors whose work I really enjoy in there--Dave Zeltersman, Bill Crider, Gary Lovisi, Ken Bruen, etc.


  1. Safe to say that review stirred up a shitstorm. It's well worth the read as a political/historic statement (more than the review of a single story) and the comments that follow it are more than worth reading also.

  2. it is often and very accurately stated that reviews say more about the reviewers than what it is they are reviewing - with that said it is all about opinion and why anyone need back track is lost on me..

  3. Yeah, some good points. Ben back tracked because he made one rather inflammatory statement and got one fact wrong, which played a part in his argument for why the story is part of a racist tradition.

  4. Incidentally, thanks for the heads up Chris. This is a good old style bar brawl, I'm hiding under the table (solid oak) and watching the whiskey bottles fly.