Thursday, September 29, 2011


I'm going to see the Joey DeFrancesco Trio play. And I'm seeing them at a shitty dive bar. Where jazz shows are meant to be played.

Anybody who likes jazz should check Mr. DeFrancesco out. I saw him once before with Pat Martino at a club in Philadelphia called Chris's and it was pretty super fantastic awesome. That was a place I used to go a lot, saw Chris Potter, Dave Douglas, a bunch of other great shows. I was 18 and for some reason they always kept bringing the pitchers of Yuengling to our table.

The guy editing this video has a little too much fun with it. For some reason there are double mirror images of Joey D. at the end...

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  1. Good Stuff, Chris. thanks for the turn on to DeFrancesco. Cool is cool. And you're right, Jazz is meant to be played cool in a hard, hard place.