Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Laughing at the Death Grin -- BWU HA HA HA HA!

So I've got a story in here but that ain't going to stop me from reviewing it!

Laughing at the Death Grin from those zany folks over at Pulp Metal Magazine is everything that a PMM collection should be -- stories of the strange that randomly hop around from crime to horror to fantasy to the absurd.

Anyone who hasn't read Ian Ayris's "The Argument Bunny" is an idiot, a dolt and a fool to boot. It kicks off this collection by kicking it right in the ass -- a finely tuned descent-into-madness story by one of the best short writers around.

"Greener" by Heath Lowrance is a hilarious tale of revenge set in the sameness of the American cul-de-sac. This is the dark side of the landscaping business where you have to fight for your territory.

And Paul D. Brazill's "The Big Hurt," well, here's the first line: "I usually consider myself a long distance drinker, perhaps more suited to a cross country run than a one hundred yard dash." Pure gold!

So many other good ones in here by Jodi MacArthur, BR Stateham, Melanie Browne and many more. Go check it out now -- only 99 cents. 


  1. Read this a couple of weeks ago. It's all that you say, Chris. Every story kicks major butt. A motley crew(crüe?)but an exceeedingly talented one. One of the best buys around.

  2. Twas a pleasure to have you aboard, me hearty!!

    AJ - I'll dance at your wedding/funeral/bar mitzvah!

  3. so many stories, so little time. was it ever this difficult to keep up before?