Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Yellow Mama!

The Halloween issue of Yellow Mama is here.

AJ Hayes has one of his finest with "The Gift." It's the origin story of Padre, whose also featured in the Pulp Ink story "Padre." This quiet, intense piece is just gorgeous. But what else would you expect from Mr. Hayes?

Richard Godwin has a funny, quirky story with "The Plumber." Love the interactions between this comic duo. Entertaining stuff.

Cindy Rosmus is up with "Bruja," a menacing little infidelity story that sneaks up and bites you right in the ass. This one rattles with tension.  



  1. Thanks Chris.
    You must inspect some drains in London.

  2. After reading your story, I think not!

  3. YM and Cindy always rock but this issue is the rockingest (is that a word?). I'd sooner poop in an alligator pit tham a London loo after Richards Cockny epic. Reading my way through everything right now. Cool.

  4. AJ's story was fantastic. I really like this Padre character.