Thursday, April 26, 2012

Couple of Good Ones

Phil Beloin Jr. has a disturbing story up at Yellow Mama, "Agony or Delight." 

A high school loser gets the girl of his dreams, but bungles his chance. Beloin nails this kid's voice--it really sounds like he's talking to the reader. 

At Shotgun Honey, Travis Richardson's up with "The Day We Shot Jesus on Main Street." This one's a surreal tale about a devout Southern town that won't put up with any heathen bullshit. It's a roaring good time.

And I landed a few more good reviews of my short story collection, Watch You Drown, which is free at Smashwords and cheap at Amazon.

Fiona "McDroll" Johnson gives it a nice write up,  saying that it's "packed full of surprises and brutal punches that will keep you flicking through, only to be disappointed when you realise you're at the end." 

I was also honored to see that Pablo D'Stair post about Watch You Drown at Goodreads. Here's some of what he had to say: "I was just fascinated, by the voice, by the unadorned musicality of it, by the swirl of it around itself, using the character, the scenario, the inertia as playthings, pushing the cake crumbs around an empty plate for the pure enjoyment of that, no desire toward the cake itself at all. "


  1. Read both the stories.mega cool the both of them. Cake? Better check in with Marie Antoinette, Buddy.