Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Five You Can't Miss -- AJ Hayes

 I went down to the night side this year (Like Bonnie Raitt says in that song: Down where it's tangled and dark. Way on into it, baby. Down where your fears are parked.) 'cause that's where Noir belongs. Horror too. Threw in a prediction also. And a donut.
(okay, I lied about the donut)

The Wait by Chris Benton at A Twist of Noir.
Brutal poetry of the human soul in agony. Nobody writes that dark music better than Chris Benton.

Santa's Crack by Richard Godwin at the Yellow Mama Christmas edition.
Another savage tale of a different kind of Santa Claus by a master of horror.

Smiling Cyrus by Lily Childs at Thrillers Chillers and Killers
Lady Death at full steam. You'll never again hear silver bells tinkling without a chill running up your spine.

(Another pair of the 'zines top line editors who let loose in the same issue of TK'nC with scary good stories of their own are: David Barber in, Dare To Dream and Col Bury with his, Writing On The Wall in the same issue.)

Return Of The Tingler by Paul D. Brazil at Shotgun Honey
PDB takes a walk down the cinema memories highway and proves, in his own unique style, that the pencil is a mighty weapon indeed when used in conjunction with the legendary electro-ass shock of B movie fame.

The Deviation Jones Trilogy by Christopher Grant at All Due Respect.
Outlandish heroine in a fever dream world, Devi Jones will kick you where it hurts, throw you off a roof, steal your car, call your Momma names and still make you forget all about Pam Greer.

(Prediction. The next thing in fictionland: Bizarro is launching an attack. And with soldiers like Godwin, Grant, Rhatigan Callaway and dozens of other writing gods joining the Army of WTF, it's liable to make a great big noise in 2013)

AJ Hayes makes stuff up and writes it down. Guess that's it.


  1. I've read about half of these. Clearly I'm starting out the year behind. Great list.

  2. Proud to publish that Grant story. And many other good un's on there.

  3. Thanks very much for including my year, AJ!

  4. AJ thank you Sir. That'll be rare right.

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