Thursday, June 9, 2011


Jim Wilsky has a gruesome tale of revenge in this month's edition of All Due Respect with Severance.

Chris Abbott is just one of millions who were unceremoniously laid off after decades of service. He's tired of receiving punishment, and decides it's time to give back.

Wilsky gets inside the mind of this unusual and sympathetic character who is pushed to the edge. Abbott has a creative vision for how he wants to destroy his former employer, which Wilsky brings to life with an abundance of detail.

Another top-notch entry from one of my favorite zines.


  1. Nothing better that a story that gives The Man what he is due. He captured both the corporate setting and A-holes who run them perfectly.

  2. Parts is parts . . . except when they go flyin'; then it's called a Wilsky Express. Human Replacing Departments worldwide, take notice. You too can be outsourced -- in several different directions. Thanks for the heads up, Chris.

  3. I've read a few of these "Falling Down" type stories, but Jim's was purely unique. He was able to reach in and find that reader magic/connection. And that sword- my word!

    ps. Chris, I was googling your site because I forgot to put in the dashes and this nasty news story came up a couple searches below yours. Holy S---!

  4. Jodi:And they say we write hard to take shit. As my friend Dan says,"Some folks just need killin'"

  5. Jesus Christ, Jodi. Yeah, I get some pretty weird Google Alerts!

    Falling Down's one of my favorite movies!