Tuesday, June 21, 2011


New issue of MiCrow is fresh off the virtual presses to day with impressive art, fiction, and poetry. Here's the lineup...

Kathleen S. Allen, Paul Beckman, Tantra Bensko, Heather Brager  , Natasha Cabot, Jeffrey S. Callico, Jeanette Cheezum , William J Fedigan, Susan Gibb, Richard Godwin, Don Hagelberg, Matthew Hance, Mike Handley,Susan Maciolek (Lily Mack), Madrea Marie, Doug Mathewson, Katie Moore,Lola Nation, Shea Newton, Jay Passer, Chris Rhatigan, Denny Sheehan, Ian C. Smith, Philip Tinkler, Robert Vaughan, Nicolette Wong, and Syeda Semim Zahan

As you may or may not have noticed, I'm on that list with a weird shorty called A Figure Trapped Inside. 

And a special thanks to Michael Solender, the editor who got this jam-packed issue done.


  1. This one is new to me. I will go check it and you out.

  2. Crow has always been a classy production. Well worth a look. Sophisticated and cool . . . but with a wild side that takes you away. Congrats Chris. Cool.

  3. awesome tale chris - thx for the plug!

  4. Thanks for publishing it Michael. You put together a class pub.