Friday, July 1, 2011

Round the Web

Over at Apollo's Lyre, there's a spotlight on CrimeFicWriters, a writing group that I'm a part of. Stories there from Jack Bates, Nigel Bird, Kaye George, AJ Hayes, and Jim Harrington.

This is a fantastic group of writers -- supportive, but willing to provide constructive criticism. Mostly we workshop crime fiction, but recently we've had horror and sci-fi too. Anyone interested in joining the group can email me,

At All Due Respect, Copper Smith is victorious in the best title contest with Mutiny on the Pimp Wagon. A blazing tale of revenge from one of crime fiction's most imaginative writers.

At BEAT to a PULP the thrilling Simon Rip saga continues with Garnett Elliott's installment. This is fast, action-packed adventure full of twists, exotic settings and random Hemingway cameos.


  1. Nice finds Chris. The Apollos' Lyre bunch are a sinister bunch but they like kittens so . . .
    You can't go wrong with Garnett's Rip.
    Beatin' it over to The Pimp Wagon now.

  2. Our plans for world domination are sinister... if ineffective...