Sunday, July 10, 2011

Submissions for All Due Respect

We are open for submissions. Right now we're working on the 2012 schedule. I'll be reading all new submissions. (By the way, any story Alec accepted will go up as scheduled.)

What I'm looking for is basically what Alec was looking for--submission guidelines here. But I'll go into a little greater detail that you may find helpful...

-- So far ADR has published one story per month, but the other option (as stated in the guidelines) is to publish three flash pieces by the same author. I would love to see submissions in this format. Especially if the three pieces are somehow linked to one another.

-- The guidelines say 2000-5000 words. However, if you have a 1500 word story (or a 6000 word story) you really believe in and feel is complete, send it on over.

-- My personal bias is toward stories with a strong central conflict and a hefty dose of action.

-- I respond fairly fast. You should have an answer within a week.

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