Thursday, January 12, 2012

Coming Soon...

Later this month, Pulp Metal Fiction will release a collection of my short stories, Watch You Drown. 

Fourteen fast-paced tales of criminals committing crimes. Kleptos stealing, dealers dealing, killers killing.

They drift through ordinary American places -- gas stations and big-box stores, shabby apartments and urine-soaked alleys -- fucking up everything as they go, leaving behind the nauseating stank of desperation.

Then there's one sci-fi bit about a tracker hunting down an android.

Just to fuck with you. And to blatantly rip-off Bladerunner.

Readers are already raving about the book People Magazine said was "littered with grammar and spelling errors" and Roger Ebert called, "The wost thing since Maid in Manhattan."

So you'll want to get your virtual hands on a copy.