Saturday, January 21, 2012

Watch You Drown

It's here folks. 

My short collection published by Pulp Metal Fiction. 

Exclamation point. Exclamation point. Exclamation point.

Stories about desperate people doing desperate things.

Some stuff you've never seen before, some stuff with the stamp of approval of top pubs like Shotgun Honey, Beat to a Pulp, A Twist of Noir, Yellow Mama, and Dirty Noir.

And awesome cover art from the paintbrush of Jason Michel. 

Only 99 cents at Amazon, Smashwords and Amazon UK


  1. Very nice cover, Chris. Congrats on the new book.

  2. Thanks for the endorsements Elaine and Patti.

  3. Lookin' forwrd to turnin' the pages so fast they'll smoke. Cool, buddy.

  4. Awesome! I'd have picked it up sooner if I'd have known.