Wednesday, January 4, 2012


First off, thanks to everyone who has reviewed or mentioned Pulp Ink. Y'all are very generous folk. 

I was particularly thrilled that our little project made best-of-the-year lists from top writers like Heath Lowrance, Luca Veste, and Darren Sant. I mean, these dudes read a lot of books and it's very cool to see PI in such good company.

Also, last month we lowered the price of Pulp Ink from $2.99 to $.99. To me, it's pretty clear that this was a good decision. Here are our sales figures:

First 17 days of December at $2.99: Sold 9 copies. Total royalties: $18.81. 
Next 17 days at $.99: Sold 59 copies. Total royalties: $19.47.

So not only did we sell more than five times as many copies, we also made more money. Now this may have had to do with making those fine gentlemen's best book of the year lists, or may have had to do with the holidays--nonetheless, pretty clear that you sell a shitload more at the lower price. 


  1. Chris,

    Happy to see that Pulp Ink in bringing in the sales and the recognition. Here's hoping it brings in more than a few awards. It is one of the year's best as far as I'm concerned.

  2. Thanks, Christopher. That means a lot coming for a writer and editor of you caliber.