Wednesday, December 14, 2011

At Grift Magazine...

I'm up today at Grift Magazine with a shorty called "What Is Your Emergency?"

It's about a stubborn teacher, a red pen, and what might happen if just one little part of reality disappeared.

Big thanks to Editor John Kenyon for offering some helpful advice.


  1. Good story, buddy. You consistantly amaze.

  2. Chris,

    As I said at Grift, I love the blurring of the lines as to what's reality and what's not.

    There is so much here in this little, confined story.

    What if Lynn doesn't belong here? What if Bill isn't the Bill that she knows? What if 911 in this world isn't 911 in that world? And on and on.

    Excellent tale.

  3. Christopher -- you absolutely got the point of that story.