Sunday, December 4, 2011

Five You Can't Miss Cindy Rosmus

Cindy Rosmus is editor of Yellow Mama and an excellent writer who pops up at joints like A Twist of Noir and MediaVirus Magazine. She's here today with her top five...
“The Perfect Day” by Patti Abbott (ALL DUE RESPECT, Issue # 14, August 2011):
I love this story ‘cos it takes place in’77, on the day Elvis died. That summer I worked as a waitress in pre-casino Atlantic City, and fell apart in every possible way. Patty brought the old, seedy Jersey shore back to life with this one. 
“Discarded” by Dina Greenberg (GEMINI Magazine, September 2011)
All through this story, you’ll bet you know how it’s gonna turn out. In the end, the opposite happens, and you’ll be so glad! Dina is a fellow "Jersey" girl" and a topnotch writer.
“The Plumber” by Richard Godwin (YELLOW MAMA, Issue # 28, October 2011)
Richard is a great pal of mine, and this is one of his best! Two Cockney plumbers talking about life, and chicks, while doing the dirtiest job ever. And getting a nice surprise at the end.
“Small Separations” by AJ Hayes (SHOTGUN HONEY, June 10, 2011)
AJ is another great pal, but this story almost made me scared of him. I said . . . almost.
“The Day Willy Found the Alien” by Kenneth James Crist (YELLOW MAMA, Issue # 26, June 2011)
Nobody writes sci fi like YELLOW MAMA/BLACK PETALS publisher Kenny Crist. This one’s even more kickass, ‘cos the alien ‘s found by greasy hicks looking for a good time.


  1. Cindy thank you for nominating The Plumber. You're a great pal too.

  2. thanks for the highlight, Pal. All the stories are great choices.