Friday, December 30, 2011

The Out of Bullets Contest

Pablo D'Stair issued a challenge. And the writers of crime fiction accepted said challenge...

D'Stair, because he's an arrogant prick,* said he could write a better collection of flash fiction in a mere eight hours than a group of other writers could in an unlimited amount of time. 

In fact, he was so certain of this, that he put $225 of his own money on the line.

Myself and thirteen other crime writers took him up on this challenge. Over at his site, you can download the D'Stair collection and the challengers collection for free. (Both collections are anonymous.) 

The readers decide which collection is best and then vote on the winner. 

If D'Stair loses, then the prize money is split among the challengers. If he wins, he gets to keep being a miserable, holier-than-thou piece of shit.**

Usually I would feel pretty confident, but D'Stair wrote the Trevor English series so we'll probably get our asses kicked.

* I <3 D'Stair.
** I was serious about that emoticon. 


  1. Even if I lose, I promise to remain the same miserable, holier-than-thou pratt, no worries--that's my Brand, you know? I've worked hard on my Brand.

    Cheers and Happy New Year, Chris. Appreciate all the kind words (and truthful, but lovingly rendered...semi-kind words, haha)

  2. Don't like Pablo? You better get your "like-r" checked, 'cause it's broke. He's one great guy. This was fun. If he loses I think he has to paint his arse blue and run naked with the bulls at Pamplona.

  3. I agree AJ -- a lot of fun and I'm a huge fan of Pablo's