Sunday, February 26, 2012

Aftermath by Jake Hinkson

I read Jake Hinkson's "Maker's and Coke" in Beat to a Pulp: Round One last year and it blew me away.

I'll say the same thing about "Aftermath," which is up at The Flash Fiction Offensive.

This is a seriously powerful story about a witness to a robbery gone wrong. One of the golden rules of writing is that the main character can't sit around -- he or she must do something, they must affect the outcome in some way. Hinkson violates this rule with great purpose. It's central to the story that his character does not respond to the situation around him.

Hinkson's novel Hell on Church Street is published by New Pulp Press, and I'm going to go buy it.


  1. Yeah, it's brilliant. Jake was one of the first writers that I 'met' online via The Night Editor, and he's got lots of stories across the internet- at A Twist Of Noir, for example. Looking forward to Hell On Church Street.

  2. Opened a couple of doors in my head that I didn't know were there. The unspoken questions are always the hardest to answer. I think though they are the ones we all must answer someday. I put this in the same class as Nigel Bird's, Stones In My Pocket. That is to say, I put it in a very high place, indeed.