Saturday, February 11, 2012

What They're Saying...

For obvious reasons, no one should believe me when I say I've got a book you should invest your time in. But you should trust these fine folks...

"Watch You Drown is a dark, realistic and funny collection of tarnished gems from a very talented craftsman. Highly recommended." -- Paul Brazill

"It's a really poweful mix you'll find here and I hope that your prepared to jump into its icy waters (for dark and chilled they mainly are) - I guarantee that you'll be woken up with a start and that you'll be diving straight back for more." -- Nigel Bird

"Chris is a master at the art of suspense and his stories are chock full of it like a warm fully loaded semi-automatic." -- Julia Madeleine

"The tortured people he writes about are earning minimum wage at best and their crime are driven by drugs. booze, desperation and the like. They feature people on the edge of the precipice who fall off more than hang on." -- Patti Abbott

"Watch You Drown is more than a collection of short stories, it’s a gateway to a world of pulp fiction that Rhatigan rules." -- Katherine Tomlinson

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