Saturday, February 11, 2012

You People Suck

A while ago, a bunch of morons complained about a perfectly good story by Graham Smith over at Thrillers, Killers, 'n Chillers. They were all offended or something and TKnC removed the story because of the complaints.

Now these annoying pricks (or people exactly like them) are back and they're all up in arms over a story by Richard Godwin.

I fail to understand how people can get angry about a story available for free that it is at a site with a warning and is called Thrillers, Killers, 'n fucking Chillers... but that's just me.

This is a brilliant story, but even if it wasn't, TKnC should be able to publish whatever they want. The internet is the home for the kind of boundary-pushing fiction not available in commercial markets.

So if you want to keep deviant fiction alive (and I think most everyone who reads DBK does), go and lend your support to Godwin and TKnC.

AND go buy his new collection of stories from Pulp Metal Fiction about everyone's favorite culinary serial killer, The Mustard Man.


  1. TKnC is being targeted only? Who the hell are these people?

  2. That is the way it appears. I have seen similar things at other sites, but more at TKnC for some reason.

  3. Things such as a "moral sensor" are really irritating for me for some reason. I don't know Richard that well (I only read a few stories), but I put a message in support. Makes me want to grab Piquant now.

    I mean that story was intense, but c'mon. Let's leave our morals at the locker room, you know?

  4. Absolutely, Ben. Glad to see you commented there as well.

  5. I thought it was one person under different aiases. That was proved out by Col, Lilly and Matt when they traced the libelous shit to a single IP. Then, they came out swinging and did us all proud. Their report findings and fuck you statement to that coward are up on the site tonight. Cheers for the good guys.

  6. Chris, Ben and AJ thank you all for your support. This is the work of one individual. It seems they have fundamentalist views. If they want a fight they have it, illiterates like that need to be taken to task.

  7. Yeah, AJ. I found that out after I posted. Not particularly surprising.

  8. Whaaa? Really? What happen to people's balls....

  9. What needs doing is for people (and by people, I mean editors, writers and fans) to bring the hammer down on these fucks.

    I can only speak for my editorial policy. Whenever I read something someone sends me that may be controversial, I drop a note to the author that I'm going to say something on their behalf and on the behalf of their story before the shit hits the fan.

    And more often than not, after making that statement, what ends up happening is...nothing. Defuse the situation and there's no situation to be had.

    Editors, you must publish whatever you feel like publishing. These are your websites, your magazines, your e-books and your collections. If there are some idiots that want to piss in the pool, shoot them down before they get the chance.

    Writers, you must write whatever you feel like writing. These are your stories, your novels and e-books. If there are some idiots that don't like what you've written, fuck 'em. They were never going to be a part of your audience. Keep being true to yourself.

    And fans, you must enjoy what you enjoy and not let anyone attempt to take those things away from you simply because it offends their sensibilities. The fact is that they have no idea what offends them and, of course, they have no sense, let alone sensibilities.

    I applaud TKNC for their statement. I would encourage them to go a step further to start moderating comments so that they can separate the wheat from the chaff. There's a huge difference between someone offering constructive criticism and being an obtuse chickenshit.

  10. Good points, Mr. Grant. If there's any shit going down at ADR, I won't hesitate to moderate comments.

    After all, these sites exist for stories--the commentary section is completely optional.

  11. If you write strong fiction you *will* be dodging the verbal bullets of the offended. Take it as a compliment.

  12. Thomas,

    I think we all take the verbal bullets of the offended as a compliment.

    But there are verbal bullets and then there are obsessions and what took place at TKNC regarding Richard's story was the obsession of one imbecile using more than one name, attempting to make it appear as if there was more outrage than there actually was.

    This same thing has been happening over and over again online, at various sites. It's taken place at TKNC at least three times in the past couple of months that we know of, as well as Flash Fiction Offensive.

    As I said, there are verbal bullets and then there are obsessions.

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