Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Changes at Death by Killing

So we've got some changes here.

I finally added some pages to this here blog. At top, you'll find links to my stories and a little bio.

Also, I'm closing requests for reviews. I have simply not been able to keep up and, at this point, I probably have enough books to read well into next year.

Also, my original intention for Death by Killing was for it to be more of a reading journal than a review site (you know, despite what it says at the top...) and I'm trying to get back to that original vision.


  1. Nice changes. I always like to investigate other writers' works, just read "Squishy Tendrils" at Pulp Metal Magazine (loved it), and got a kick out of your bio, which I'd mistakenly found when researching 'recent crimes by Iowa rabbits.' Dave might not be who you think he is.
    : )

  2. looks good. This is a damn good looking blog, too.

  3. I hear you on the pile'o reading syndrome, Chris. If the changes help you out, then I'm fer 'em. (resisting the urge to break into "ChChChChCh-Changes")

  4. Thanks folks!

    That fantastic movie (that Jimmy Callaway doesn't like because he's a communist) Bladerunner provided this sweet background.

    And Erin, Dave's crimes are no secret to me. I'm sure there's a law on the books prohibiting eating all of my possessions.

    And AJ, thanks for not breaking into song. Not drunk enough for karaoke quite yet.