Thursday, November 3, 2011

KICK IT by McDroll

When asked about what made him like a story or author, Paul D. Brazill once said that he needed to like the cut of their jib. As always, PDB boiled things down to their essence -- personality and style (for me at least) are trump cards.

That said, I challenge you to read Fiona Johnson (McDroll) and not like her. It's impossible! And it helps a great deal that she's put together a short, sharp collection of very readable crime stories oozing with personality.

In "Drowning," McDroll crafts a convincing story about a Support for Learning teacher who's under some serious stress. It's so convincing you'll completely understand why the teacher does something awful. That's crime writing at its finest -- showing exactly why a character would do something that no one in their right mind would do.

Cop Gemma Dixon figures into several of the pieces in here as well. She's at the bottom but willing to fight her way up the ladder. I particularly liked "The Red Glove," a nasty tale where Dixon gets to prove her mettle.

Go straight away and buy this delightful collection for only 99 cents! Amazon US and UK.