Monday, November 28, 2011


Julia Madeleine has two excellent stories out now. "The Devil's Music" is the first story in her Raised in Hell series from Trestle Press.

Here we meet Sadie, the shape-shifting daughter of the Devil, who's hanging out at a Mississippi Delta blues club in the 1930s. Many fine musicians have sold their souls to her in exchange for their talents. Eventually they have to pay up to Sadie -- whether they like it or not.

But Madeleine takes this idea in a fresh direction -- maybe hell isn't so bad... In fact, maybe it's pretty cool and better than the alternative. This is an imaginative story with a very rich setting. Highly recommended.

Also, Madeleine has a scorcher over at Powder Burn Flash with "Crazy Town." It's a classic turn-the-tables-on-the-bullies story, but done with style, originality, and a sharp eye for detail.


  1. The Devil's Music sounds pretty amazing. I'm really looking forward to reading this one.

  2. I'm with Sabrina. I'm a big fan of Julia's work. Heading over to Powder Burn Flash now.

  3. But is there a sound-chip with THE DEVIL'S MUSIC? The ambiance and era already has me slinkin' into readin' these rhythms ... There's also a rumour in WebTowne that Ms Madeleine is relaxed after brownies I baked her - maybe she'll let me up close by the bands?

    Hey there Rat-a-tat-Rhatigan -- good synopsi without giveaways ... I'll flash on over to Powder Burn with those other classy dames up there. Oh yeah -- WAY TO GO MADELEINE!

    ~ Absolutely*Kate
    AT THE BIJOU and beyond

  4. Both gems. Frank Duffy's The Devil's Music story is pretty tasty, too.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Katherine, Sabrina and Absolutely Kate. I like the idea of a soundtrack for it.

    I'll have to check out Frank Duffy's story, too. Thanks for the head's up.