Sunday, November 6, 2011

Links: Julie Morrigan and Erin Cole

Julie Morrigan has two splendid pieces of classic noir over at Absolutely Kate's hangout. These snapshots of a PI go down smoother than a stiff drink and a smoke. All part of AK's November Noir series.

Erin Cole has two chilling and excellent stories out in the last week. Over at Thrillers, Killers, 'n Chillers, she's up with "Blood Truce." A couple's petty bickering takes a sudden, drastic and satisfying turn for the worst.

And she's got a vivid and haunting piece of psychological terror with "Ghosts Never Lie" at Microhorror.


  1. Thanks for the mention and the kind words, Chris - much appreciated!


  2. Jools kicked the lights out with a guy named McGraw at the Bijou -- twice!. Erin touched our hearts, sharply at Thrillers and got our . . . ankles . . . icy over to Micro

  3. Two of my fav writers, for sure. Had read all but Erin's "Ghost's Never Lie". Just read it, and it was a real winner. Thanks for the heads up Chris! Congrats, Julie and Erin and thanks for the entertinment.

  4. Correct, the usual in-the-know Ms Patti is! Those rocking lady stars really strut their stuff where words engender new depth and momentum, feel and zeal. I join the inimitable Sean Patrick in being a veritable fan of JULIE MORRIGAN and enigmatic ERIN COLE. Glad to say I know'em when . . . for those stars are certainly set to rocket and roll.

    Tough guy AJ said it swell, 'bout Jools' double feature stunner while NOVEMBER GOES NOIR (link below) ~ AT THE BIJOU. Watch for that fella under a fedora to take centerstage in a rather kickass performance next week.

    But saaaaaaaaaaaay ~ Isn't the esteemed RAT-A-TAT RHATIGAN starring AT THE BIJOU with his notorious Noir Tuesday & Wednesday, 8-9 November?

    I'd say so.
    I'm Absolutely*Kate and I endorse all these cool cats, wishing vs arm-twistin' that the classy dame Patti Abbot and everyone's fave, Mr Reardon scribe us up a shadowy Noir in their stylin' too. Wonder if I can persuade Erin to noir her fear fray? I'll try. This is showbiz folks and Authors taking Authors the higher is one swell thing. See you all ~ AT THE BIJOU where November is so goin' NOIR!