Sunday, October 31, 2010


I first started reading Funk at A Twist of Noir, where he had this incredible story about a guy who wrestles an alligator and another about a New Orleans teenager determined to blow up his school. 

He writes both horror and crime, and in this latest story, a blend of the two. In this edition of Crime Factory, Same Case Every Time is about a New Orleans cop, Jari, who takes a case brought to him by a woman called Weezy. Here's the kind of world Jari's operating in:

New Orleans Police don’t sleep and we leave the badge at home. It gets in the way of business, because the streets run with cash and blood, and there’s no telling when you’ll find yourself throwing down on another cop — you have to leave the shield at home but never, ever forget the bullets.

It's a brutal tale featuring a brilliant rendering of the rough side of New Orleans. As always, Funk writes with abundant energy and--as you can see from that quote--a sizzling voice. 


  1. MCF is one of the best. Unrelenting and all edge. He'll cut ya with a look. Just like in Crime factory. Read it. Wear some protection and I don't mean a condom.

  2. Well said, Chris. Matt Funk is the kind of writer that transports you into the world his characters inhabit. It's not always a pretty place, but it is endlessly fascinating.

    Jari's New Orleans is a place everyone should go, at least once.