About Chris

So, you want to know about me.

Or you clicked this link by accident. You were actually searching for the lowest plane fare from Denver to Newark and instead Google spat this shit out.

Stupid SEO, gets you every time...

Anyhow, I live in Mussoorie, India with my fantastic wife (and first reader) Melanie Reichwald. I teach at Woodstock School, the most vertical school in the world (probably).

I started this blog in summer 2010 because I wanted to promote short stories that I read on the internet. Now I talk about e-books a lot too. Mostly I read crime and bizarro.

I've been writing for almost four years now. All short stories and flash fiction so far, although I will soon have a novella out in the world. Check out this page if you like your stories bleak, funny, violent, and with lots of with swears.

Or check out All Due Respect, an awesome zine started by Alec Cizak that I now edit.

Also, if you want to read a whole slew of first-rate crime writers in one tight package, check out Pulp Ink and Pulp Ink 2, which I co-edited with Nigel Bird. You won't regret it.

Or you might regret it. But that's pretty sad to go around regretting that you read a book...

Except The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. I regret reading that. What a god awful excuse for a book.