Wednesday, November 17, 2010


... has recently published two excellent stories.

Disability, Inc., appears in this month's edition of All Due Respect. Stan and Chas are two stand-up guys just doing their best to get a free ride. Sketchy shrink Dr. Z is pivotal to their life goal of not doing stuff. When he asks for their help offing an old woman who's become a problem, they're more than ready to help. And fuck everything up in the process. It's set in what I'll refer to as Redneck California and injected with dark humor and cracking dialogue. A unique and sharp story with populated with hilarious/depressing moments.

First Man Falling is a killer boxing story in the last issue of Beat to a Pulp. Angel Martin is trying to pry his way into the world of big-time professional boxing, despite forces conspiring against him--which in this case is everyone in his life. He enters the biggest fight of his life against fan-favorite El Mudo, who is deaf. The attention to detail in this story is startling. It really feels like you're the one getting your ass kicked! And Angel is a very well constructed character who I was definitely rooting for.


  1. Chris--Thanks for the reviews and your comment over at BTAP.

    I've got another story about the infamous Yuba City (real place) and sheriff Joe Strawbridge (made-up guy) in the 'slasher' issue of Plots With Guns, due out any day now. Except it takes place in the 80's. . .

  2. Double down good. Both rocked the house. Old mayonnaise in one and fresh blood in the other. Good combination you ask me.

  3. Great reviews of two outstanding stories.

  4. That slasher issue of PWG sounds rad. Looking forward to checking it out.

    AJ--that's a fantastic description!