Saturday, December 18, 2010

THE QUICK... AND THE DEAD by Bill Crider

This installment of The Weekly Punch knocked me out.

Honestly, I usually dislike zombie stories. For me, zombies are the least scary and most boring out of the classic horror monsters.

But The Quick... and The Dead by Bill Crider ain't your grandpa's zombie story.

Crider deftly fuses two story lines together using razor sharp prose. The result is a truly disturbing tale that you will not soon forget.

In other happenings, check out an engaging interview with the director Yelena Sabel at Chin Wag At The Slaughterhouse.

A new issue of Pulp Metal Magazine is out with my story, A Sweet Deal. And if you missed their first birthday issue last week (as I did), you'll want to check that out while you're there--some great stuff by Paul Brazill, Ian Ayris, Richard Godwin, and more.


  1. Crider's story brought up a thought.We have a drive in chain out here, "Jack In The Box." It has competition now, "Dad In The Box." It's an astounding story and more than a little gut churning.
    "Service." Crissy worked out -- sort of and he'll enjoy Mexico, eventually. So, in a way, things are . . . good?

  2. Zombies don't have the erotic pull that vampires do. Crider put a whole new creepy twist on that...

  3. Agree all the way. I don't get zombies normally, but here they're part of the plot and only add to the creeping sensations. It's brilliant.

  4. paul, do you think Bill's been reading some of yours?

  5. There's nothing Bill can't write. That's a double negative, isn't it. But it makes a positive statement in the case of Bill.