Friday, July 8, 2011


Paul D. Brazill's new series arrives with a howl!

PI/werewolf/alcoholic ex-cop Roman Dalton is keeping busy in the first installment, kicking ass and chowing down on the bad guys. There are several tasty tales wrapped up in this short story. In one, Dalton works for the sultry singer, Daria, whose kid sister got mixed up with vicious gangster Ton Ton Phillipe. Then he's off to work for a Mr. Morocco, whose family's been kidnapped... by aliens.

It's exactly as much fun as it sounds, all told in Brazill's blazingly original voice with his gift for absurd metaphors and rapid-fire dialogue.

Plenty of excellent writers have signed on for this project from Trestle Press, like Jason Michel, Richard Godwin. B.R. Stateham, Katherine Tomlinson and Frank Duffy. Can't wait to read the next installment!


  1. On my Kindle since yesterday. Eagerly antici . . .pating (ok RHPS reference. But just had to do it)actually casting my peepers on it and the rest of the motley crüe who will be appearing every month. A right snarley bunch.

  2. It's a cracker, isn't it? This is going to be an interesting and hugely enjoyable series.

  3. I enjoy this very much and I can see it has legs to go the distance.