Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Top Five for 2011: Erin Cole

Erin Cole is one of the top writers of short horror. Her work made several top five lists at this very blog. If you're not hip to her, you should become so. She also blogs at http://erincolewrites.com/. Here are some stories from last year that she dug.

Consciousness, by Lily Childs - Lily Childs Feardom
There is a bit of magic in Lily's writing, and her piece, “Consciousness,” which won the UK's Writing Magazine/Writers News online forum's monthly One Word Challenge (stream), is one write that really stuck with me this year.  The rhythm of prose and creative imagery is brilliant and deeply inspiring.

Small Green Things, by Chris Allinotte - Thrillers, Killers, 'n' Chillers

I always look forward to reading a story from Chris, because there’s no telling where you’re going to go, be it quirky, scary, thrilling, or just downright fun to read.  Most of the time, you get all of that in one story, like in “Small Green Things.”  And you can’t beat his endings.

The Exoneration, by Angel Zapata - Bolts of Silk

I had to include one of Angel’s poems, because I love them so.  There is a treasure of passion, darkness, and wisdom in his work, and I often find myself reading his pieces multiple times…they really are that good.

Spin Top – Swan on the Rocks, by Jodi MacArthur - Flashes in the Dark

There is no shortage of originality in Jodi’s work, and “Spin Top – Swan on the Rocks,” is one of those writes that resonates with me.  Her perspective and prose is always an unexpected adventure into the darkness of mind and soul, and of course, I love that.

Down by the River, by Lydia S Gray - Brain Harvest

This is probably one of my most favorite reads this year.  Lydia isn’t afraid to cross certain boundaries, and she does so with confidence.  This story is absolute perfection in its details, execution, darkness, humor, and creativity. I would pay big money for her muse.


  1. Thanks, Chris! I hope you extend 2012 to 12 : )

  2. There are too many good stories out there!

  3. Kind of stunned so many outlets I don't know about.