Saturday, March 2, 2013

Five You Can't Miss -- Salvatore Buttaci

“Ice In The Veins” by Richard Godwin at Pulp Metal Magazine.

A man of the cloth, burdened by self-hatred, unsuccessfully seeks beauty in a world of pain and suicide.

“Neal Figgins” by Kathy Fish at Connotation Press

A casual conversation in a doctor’s waiting room between the young boy Neal and a young girl. A poster on the wall tells of a fundraiser for Neal who suffers from some disease. Neal’s mother is the doctor in whose office Neal is waiting.

“Packing for the Moon” by Dean Francis Alfar at Bewildering Stories

On the eve of the big day, Dad tells his daughter Sam the bedtime story of “The Princess and the Moon.” It becomes the quality time both have left to share.

“After 10 Years” by David Robbins at The Neglected Ratio

In trouble with the school administration, a teacher learns what real trouble is when the third-grade teacher Mrs, Schultz confides in him that her husband has left her for another woman.

“Otto and the Cloth Baby” by Harris Tobias at Mudjob

Two agents of the Department of Agriculture work at uncovering crime cartels that involve the smuggling of drugs in hollowed-out vegetables.

Salvatore Buttaci’s work has appeared widely in publications that include The New York Times, U. S. A. Today, The Writer, Writer’s Digest, Cats Magazine, The National Enquirer, Christian Science Monitor, A Word with You Press, Thinking Ten, Pen 10, and Six Sentences. He was the recipient of the $500 Cyber-wit Poetry Award in 2007. He was also one of the winners in the 2011 Franklin-Christoph Fine Writing Instrument Poetry Contest.


  1. I highly recommend the writings of the authors I've selected above.Thanks, Chris, for posting this!

    Salvatore Buttaci

  2. Thank you for the recommendations, sir.