Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The new Plots with Guns is out and has one of the coolest cover pages I've ever seen. October will be PWG's horror issue, which I'm looking forward to.

Matthew McBride has a nasty story in this latest edition about a careful, calculating nut with a fetish for chainsaws. He's really just a good guy looking to rid the world of people who need to be "taught a lesson," or so he likes to tell himself. This guy should be pictured in the dictionary next to the definition of "cognitive dissonace," like when he spouts this line: "I offered him a look that implied my deepest sympathies and then I pushed the attack part of the bar deeper into the exposed femur."

McBride creates a unique narrative voice that alternates between first-person and something along the lines of a sales manual on how best to rid the world of people you don't like. The sales manual part is pitch perfect and often hilarious. You would think a story from a deeply delusional murderer's perspective couldn't be funny, but trust me, it is.

HAVE CHAINSAW, WILL TRAVEL proves to be a disturbing, ultra-violent and wild ride. It's the kind of down-and-dirty goodness I've come to expect from both Mr. McBride and PWG.

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  1. One thing I love about your blog: you always put me onto cool new stuff I never would have found on my own. Thanks! :)