Monday, September 20, 2010


The good people over at Beat to a Pulp are embarking on an interesting project: Three top writers coming together to produce a classic sci-fi/adventure novella, which will come out in electronic form in January.

Right now the first installment by Chris F. Holm is up at BTAP--and it's the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Anybody who claims reading is boring clearly hasn't read A RIP THROUGH TIME.

Simon Rip is tracking down the villainous Dr. Berlin who's taken off with "the device," which apparently can do some stuff to the space-time continuum, or something, and release all kinds of badness. (Holm actually explains what the device does in perfect clarity, but I have the short-term memory of a fish, so you'll have to go read it for yourself to find out.)

Anyways, Rip goes on a rock 'em-sock 'em ride to other "whenabouts," as Holm terms them, with the hot-and-dangerous Ms. Ludwig, kicking ass and taking names. And this story wins "best scene from a mastodon's perspective" that I've read... except for maybe James Michener.

The next two installments will be by Charles Gramlich and Matthew P. Mayo. Gotta give kudos to BTAP here--this is a really cool, unusual idea--the kind that I hope other zines will try out in the future. 


  1. The mastodon's perspective was one of the highlights for me as well.

  2. Wow -- thanks for the kind words, Chris! When I think of adventure serials, I think of whiz-bang fun, of manic, child-like glee. Glad to see I got a taste of that onto the page.

    Of course, I get to bask in the credit (what writer doesn't love that?), but really, David's the mastermind here. And from the fantastic responses RIP has gotten thus far, I'd say David's idea was one whose time had come.

  3. Man oh man! Just like the good old days of Astounding and Amazing and Galaxy and Weird Tales with those kickass serials that had your "is it here yet-ting" sending the poor old guy at the magazine stand running for cover every day when you loomed on the horizon. Bet you all had a party writing it and it sure is party time for the reader. Excellent adventure.

  4. It is a stonker of a read and I can't wait for the next installment. A very accurate review, Chris, and congrats to Chris H for some fine writing. Also, kudos to David for a fantastic idea.

    Well done guys!

  5. A clever idea and the trio to pull it off.

  6. Definitely the kind of fast paced work I love to read and get caught up in. I only hope my installment can keep up the momentum.