Saturday, March 5, 2011


You can find the finalists here. From there you can join the Short Mystery Fiction Society and cast your vote. (Go to the "How to Cast Your Vote" link on the left side of the page.)

It's great to see the online community represented in every category (except the novelettes). In fact, the short-short category is all online!

I'm excited about this because I think a lot of the best, most vital crime writing is happening on the internet. Just read those five short-shorts--each one is a gem.

And a shout out to friends of the blog who made the cut, Jane Hammons, Jack Bates, and Michael Solender (who has two stories!). 


  1. Yea guys!!! Luck all around. Lotta capital "T" TALENT on that list. Glad I ain't a judge. I'd put "all of the above" and hightail it.

  2. Woot! Thanx for the nod Chris - lots of top writers there..

  3. Crime in time serves all . . .

    'Specially with the likes of that soul of Solender pullin' out the possibility of a Derringer ...

    (Chris? Or is he just glad to see us?)
    ~ Absolutely*Kate ... fan to the cool guys

  4. Whoa - JACK BATES!

    Now there's another tough guy contendah!
    Gotta go vote.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate