Friday, March 25, 2011

Flash Friday!

Two radical (yep, bringing that back) flash stories that came out recently:

A bit of LA noir in Cold Storage by Michael Solender at Flash Fiction Offensive. That annoying guy who rents the storage space next to you? He's going down!

And from a horror site I've been getting into lately, Die, Baby, Die by Grant Wamack at The New Flesh. This piece oozes with creepiness and believable terror.


  1. Cool piece, Michael. Man, I HATE nosy neighbors. Had a friend who was living in a storage for a while. Good thing she wasn't your neighbor.

  2. And thanks to Grant, I'm gonna have problems with eyeballs staring out of my ice tea for a while.

  3. Woot - Thanx for the plug Chris. A chilling good time to be sure - off to check out Grant's piece.