Sunday, June 19, 2011


Alec Cizak, editor of All Due Respect, posted yesterday at his blog that, as of April 2012, he would be stepping down to focus on a new print publication, Pulp Modern.

As many of you know, for about the last year ADR has published some of the best crime fiction on the web. In fact, Matthew C. Funk's story, Times Past, won a Spinetingler Award. 

Anyways, Mr. Cizak has been kind enough to pass the editing torch on to me. I'm very excited about this--and I'm glad to see that one of my favorite zines won't be going under.

I don't plan on changing much.

Except that from now on, ADR will only be accepting erotica stories set in Ontario.


  1. Congrats, dude! Good to see a webzine staying afloat. I'm making some changes to TFFO soon, so as soon as I have those done I'll be linking up other publications. You'll certainly be on there.

    Good luck, buddy. You'll have a ball. You know where I am but doubt you'll need much help. Go for it!

    P.s. I have an erotica story based around oreo's, if that's any good? Ha!

  2. David--thanks for the kind words. That would be great if you could link to ADR too. I've been meaning to update the links around here. Don't be surprised if I take up that offer for advice.

    And send over that erotica-oreo story!

  3. Erotica-oreo, mmmm.

    Congratulations, Chris!

  4. I actually prefer erotica about wingless flies, but that's obviously my problem.

    ADR is just going to get better with Mr. Rhatigan in charge.

  5. Thanks all!

    Finally, wingless fly erotica will take its rightful place in the world of literature.

  6. Neat. Looking forward to getting the shit beat out of me.

  7. What? No Steampunk erotica from Alberta?!?

    Oh, well. Congrats,anyway!

  8. Cool. Big congrats, Chris. It'll fit you like a pair of lycra boxers!

    Like Dave, if I can help in any way, just gimme a shout, bud.


  9. Could not have picked a better man for the job, buddy. Anything you need, you got it. Let's see . . . is that Ontario, California? And is that the Chrysler Erotica or the Renault model of the same name?

  10. Congratulations Chris, you'll do great work over at ADR.

  11. Brilliant - congrats, Chris. Great stuff!

  12. it's like the passing of the Olympic Flame between two great athletes. thanks to both of you for what you do and what you're about to do - 'for what we are about to receive...'

  13. Congrats on picking up ADR, Chris!