Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blink Ink!

Via David Barber, I just discovered this fantastic site, Blink Ink. They do very short fiction--50 words or less.

Check out the sample issue they have up there with brilliant work by Michael Solender, Kristen Fouquet, Stephen Hill, and Jeffrey S. Callico, among others. 

Man, I'm really amazed by these folks who can tell a story in such a short span. If you like that, subscriptions to the print version are ever-so-cheap, $5. 

AND they're coming out with Blink Noir. So sharpen your computers and get cracking--you only have until June 15 to submit! 


  1. Thanks guys. Now that sounds fun!

  2. Blink Ink is a great site. I've had a couple of pieces published there in the past. It's a challenge to get a story down to 50 words but it's a great way to test yourself. I'm working on something for Blink Noir.

    Thanks for the comment on my dialogue piece, Chris, and the little plug at the top of this post!

  3. It's beaut. I had a few stories on the online version, which seems to have gone, and was in the first print issue. Some great stuff there,

  4. These folks published three of my stories online. The editor decided to cease publishing the online version a few months ago. You can read interviews with the editors here ( and here (