Sunday, September 18, 2011


R. Thomas Brown has a piece up at Powder Flash called "Hurt" that pushes all the right buttons. I really like how Brown creates a world almost identical to our own, but where violence is acceptable, or even healthy. With precision, he paints a character who we all know, and then shows how she changes. Very well done.

And Court Merrigan has a nice, slow burn over at PANK Magazine with "The Cloud Factory." A hardboiled tale about  crank dealing, a car crash, and a whole lot of money. The story's set in Wyoming and Merrigan does a great job using vivid details to make it come to life.

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  1. Yep, R. Tom's Cami is an unforgettable character, who learns a bright, bloody lesson. And Court's story is as existential as anything Sartre ever wrote. Both are must reads. Great selections, Chris.
    PS: don't neglect James Clar's Sauce For The Gander over at PBF either.