Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Reads

Great stories around the web today...

At Powder Burn Flash, Court Merrigan busts shit up with "Dogs at the Door." This is a really impressive effort -- tight writing and a terrifying premise. I also like how all we get from the frightened child who is the story's narrator is action and random thoughts -- Merrigan never overplays his hand here.

Many know Sabrina Ogden from her top blog My Friends Call Me Kate. She has her first story up at Pure Slush called "Excuse Me. Have You Seen My Shirt?" -- and it's as good as its title would indicate. A fun, imaginative dream tour that will make you laugh.

And at Pulp Pusher David James Keaton wades into the speculative as well with a very creative revenge story, Burning Down DJs. Keaton possesses a strong narrative voice and a good ear for dialog. Here he burrows deep into the psyche of a cuckolded fella.

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