Friday, October 7, 2011


I've got a weird, absurd story up at Pulp Metal about a guy who walks into a coffee shop bathroom and finds a head under the floor. Yep. The kind of story I thought fit right in with the delicious weirdness that is Pulp Metal. It's called "Squishy Tendrils" and I hope you enjoy it. Also stories by the likes of Jason Michel, Melanie Browne, BR Stateham and a bunch of other folks.

And while you're at it, you should check out Laughing at the Death Grin, the new Pulp Metal anthology. Just read the first few stories in there last night -- "The Argument Bunny" by Ian Ayris (one of my favorites of his), Melanie Browne's freaking hilarious werewolf story, and this kickass pulp gore fest by Danny Hogan. Complete review coming in a couple of days.


  1. Great piece of Surrealist art, Chris. Or maybe, hyperreality. Either way it clicks on every level.

    You 'n me are on the homestretch with "Death Grin" and of the same opinion about the collection.

  2. The amount of reading material seems to multiply every day. Who has time for print novels now?

  3. A very good question, P.A. It vexed me quite a bit until I figured out that by buying my paperbacks for kindle it freed up lots more money to buy the more expensive hard covers I want to fill my book shelves witn. So e-books are in that way, I think, are a blessing. (Plus by buying hard backs instead of paperbacks I make my fave bookstore love me even more)

  4. Yeah, I agree AJ. I'm into the e-books right now, but that's just where my tastes lie (or is it lay... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....)